Thank you, parents. our favorite stories are incredible stories

To point out the parents who come in all shapes and sizes, we show some of our favorite letters

We know that no family is the same

To celebrate Parents ' Day (this is a real holiday, look at it), we will highlight some of our favorite letters about all kinds of parents, families and important adults

Cole's mom went through the university when she raised him. The university is difficult enough to take care of the baby in the mix, and we start work. She also met her stepfather, who hugged him like her own. We love to read stories about such families, who choose each other, especially when one of these family members ends up creating a music studio in the basement (this is the real one, read the whole letter)

" When I was a child, my mother was in her own. She was going to the University and raised me at the same time. She's always been there to make sure I have everything I need. When I was a baby, my mother met my father, and he accepted me as my own, and he was always standing before me, showing me how to grow to the man I am today. "Cole Pawa

We often hear about it in Canada, the stories that parents have been blinking here to have a chance at a better life for their children. In this case, it is clear that the move from the Philippines was not easy for Sophia's parents, but they did it anyway. It seems her parents have gone through all the trouble of the book, but we argue that all of them are worth the fact that she's worth what she read, how much she meant to her

" In 2000, you decided to move our family to Canada. Leaving your home, where you grew up, into a completely new country where everything was a mystery, and risk not knowing that in the future holds. You wanted a better life and a better future than us. You wanted us not to go through what you went through. "-Sophia Silva

Any student with extracurricular interests knows that parents can get them there. What makes the letter Devin so controversial as any student, regardless of whether they participate in dance, sports, theatre or any other activity, knows that he accepts parents over time, money, and emotional support. It's a letter for all parents who sacrificed something to allow them to enjoy the baby

" Now, if you are familiar with whether you are an athlete or someone else, you know how much time and emotions can be, let you know, cost. I'm from a very busy family. I have four brothers, a younger brother, a younger sister and two older sisters. I've never missed a practice or a game unless it's health or health. In some way, my parents always found a way to get him to work. "Devin Hewitt

This is one of the people who can be thankful that he was born. Lauren's glasses for writing a super-unique letter that he's grateful for the first day. We admire all parents who experience difficulties to support their children, but there is still plenty of room for everyday parents-heroes who do little rights

" Mom, thank you for me. You dragged me for nine months in hot summer weather at the expense of your back and bladder, you endured long and sleepless nights, mad sleuths and all the innumerable pains during pregnancy for me. At that moment, you had every right to despise me for ruining your body and being as I was, but you were still reading me, talking to me and singing to me. "-Lauren Smith

One common theme we have found is that many letters are how many parents to sacrifice to give their children a better life. In this case, the parents of the Oluwatobi should literally spend five years on each other to be able to continue their children's education. It is a genuine commitment to the future of their children, and we are so happy to see that they are recognized and celebrated

" I want to thank my mom and dad because they sacrificed so much so that I could visit one of the best universities in the world: University of Toronto. Your sacrifice for five years is physically that my younger brothers and I will have a better education and a future, truly astounding. "-Oluwatobi Eun

Let' s give it to his adoptive parents. In the Lacey case, these are two adults who spoke for a child in need, when her biological parents could not. This kind of love and loyalty is what this is all about. They've been at every step since she started her life, she's been walking to her wedding lately. Family is what you did, and Lacey and her parents made it really startling

" I want to thank my foster mom and dad because they took me to my home with a loving arms when I wasn't there. They intervened and took care of me when my biological parents didn' t. They loved me and took care of me and treated me like I was their own. For 15 years, they were for me at every stage, starting with the completion of primary school and high school to walk me out last year at my wedding. "-Lacey Barnes

Are you saying thank you?

Now it's up to you. After you've seen all this love, do you feel how you spread your own and admit that something great is a great parent or an adult in your life? Just write it out of your heart and it could be $20,000

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